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No matter how much we mess up, God will always forgive us. Jesus even chose to forgive those who were crucifying Him. Because God forgives us, we should work hard to forgive others. We can decide that someone who has wronged us doesn’t have to pay. With God’s help, we can free ourselves from the weight of anger and bitterness, while giving the other person an opportunity to rewrite the story.

Hey, parents! During this time, we want to continue to partner with you as parents and help instill biblical truths into your children. It is our prayer that this page would serve as resource for you to have time of virtual Sunday School with your children, as well as way to have a short amount of time in the Word with your kids throughout the week. Here’s what you’ll find on this page:

The material is categorized by its corresponding week. The links will go live Thursday evenings. In each week, you will find Online Experience videos, Parent Guides, and an Activity Sheet for specific grades to complete throughout the week. Here’s how you can use this material:

Experience – These videos are designed to serve as a virtual Sunday School class. Each video contains a worship video, a Bible Story (K-3rd) or The So & So Show (4th-6th), and fun, high energy teaching time. 

Parent Guide – The Parent Guide, which goes along with the Experience video, is designed to help you engage your child and apply the lesson to their life. The guide's contain activities, discussion guides, memory verses, and a prayer prompt. 

Activity – These activities are designed to be used throughout the week to drive home application of the lesson, and to help keep your child engaged in the Word throughout the week. While you don’t have to work on these with your child, they do afford you the opportunity to take a direct step into your child’s spiritual development and help create a platform for spiritual discussions in your home. There are suggested grades given for each sheet, but feel free to use what suits your child best.

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