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Please read all the way through


FIRST: We are going to CONNECT (safely)

- We will do this by asking you to come by the church between 4 and 5 PM. Drive through the church parking lot and our

   staff will be there (keeping a safe distance of course) to smile, say hello, and pray with you if you have a need.

SECOND: We are going to COLLECT food and monetary donations for the New Braunfels Food Bank

- As you drive through the parking area, there will be a drop off location where you will deposit your food donations, and     the offering box will be there to place your cash donations. You will find a list below of the most needed food items.


- We are having the Lord’s Supper in our service on April 19th. When you drive through this Sunday, you may pick up             your pre-packaged Lord’s Supper elements.  We will have them in zip-lock bags of one and two each.  Ex. If you have           three people you would pick up one bag of two and one bag of one.  For 7, you would pick up three bags of two and one     bag of one.  If you have questions, we will be there to answer.


   If you are not able to make a donation at this time, please do not let that keep you from coming by the church to say           hello.

- Don’t forget to join us online for our Easter worship service. The service premieres at 9:30 on YouTube, but you may             watch it any time after that. During the premiere time, if you are watching from your computer, there is a way that we         can chat before service.


Find the service by: 
- Clicking on the “Watch” tab and then select the sermon for 4.12.20. Sermon notes with words to songs that are being           sung, can be downloaded from the same location.
- You can also go directly to our YouTube page.

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